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You always try to do the right thing, to do right by people. You have your little slice of the world and are content there. Then people, or their pets, come barging in.

So, now the back story. I live on two acres in Apex, NC. I own approx 50 chickens. Normal laying hens plus Orpington’s and other “nicer” breeds. I raise them for their eggs and their meat. I also sell the excess eggs to help cover their cost of living. My chickens stay in our yard, they don’t really venture outside of that space. We free range them during the day for obvious reasons. I say approx 50 because on any given day I don’t know if someone else’s dog will come into my yard and kill them. I have had this happen twice now. First time I lost 11 chickens. Was a chicken massacre all over my yard. Second time, which was yesterday, I lost 4. Only 4 because I saw the dogs out my window in time to go out and try to catch them.

People seem to have the mentality that they can do whatever they want and it doesn’t matter. If I hear the words “they are only chickens” one more time I might just explode. What if I killed their dogs and said “they are only dogs”. Do you think that would go over well? I think not. As a dog owner myself I understand that it is a dogs instinct to chase things that run. I understand that, I really do. But that fact does not make it ok for your dogs to come onto my property and kill my chickens.

The set of dogs from yesterday were hunting dogs. The owner was running rabbits, tracking collars and all. He admitted to animal control that his dog has chased chickens before. So why did he think that it was ok to run his dogs all over everyone else’s property? He made mention that chickens weren’t worth the eggs they laid. Well guess what? They are to me and my kids. There is a lot of time and money that goes into raising chickens. Granted they are cheaper then raising some other animals but that does not minimize the fact that it is not ok for your dogs to kill my chickens.

We are in the process of building a fence to keep out unwanted visitors, but it can’t seem to go up fast enough. So keep off my little slice of the world unless you are invited.

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Is 7 years to long to call it baby weight?

Just wondering, because that is what I have been calling it all this time. My twins will be 8 in July.

I have never had issues with my weight except during pregnancy. I am not one of those ladies who have the cute little baby bumps. I gain weight, and I gain it every where. Belly, face, fingers, you name it. After my first pregnancy I did lose all the weight within about a year and a half. With the twins it has been a completely different story. I was on bed rest for approximately 5 months when I was pregnant, which did not help with the weight I am sure. After having the twins I was so busy taking care of them that I did not take time for myself. To take care of me. But I need to change that, I do believe it is finally time to get off my butt and actually do something about it.

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Today I am starting Nutrisystem and I am finally going to do something for me. I will also be starting on the treadmill daily and cutting way back on my Dunkin Donuts coffee intake. Which is going to be a HUGE thing for me. If you know me then you know that DD coffee flows through my veins. But I can not keep drinking my calories, no matter how much I love and enjoy it. I will also be introducing more exercise into my schedule as my wrist injury allows.

New year and a new me, tired of hiding behind this fat suit. Here we go.

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A little thing called carpool etiquette


Etiquette, the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

I am sure I am not the only one who dreads carpool. The sitting, the waiting and the inching forward. Day in and day out. There is a certain etiquette that we should follow. We pay attention, we move up right away when it is our turn. You don’t take forever when picking up and dropping off. One of my biggest pet peeves is parking in the carpool line and getting out of your car and going about your business. It is not like there are people behind you waiting, that have done their time. Not to mention the people who get on the phone and don’t pay attention to what is going on around them. Or better yet, the people who fall asleep while waiting. Really people? You can’t find a better place to take a nap? I am sure we all have our daily frustrations, this just happens to be one of mine. I sit in two carpool lines twice a day everyday. I have become something of an expert. I am sure I will share more of my thoughts about this in the days and weeks to come.


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Mama’s Asparagus Casserole

Nothing makes you feel more at home then Mama’s cooking. This is one of many favorite dishes that I had growing up, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. I will be sharing lots of my favorite recipes so make sure you keep coming back for more.


Asparagus Casserole


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Honeysuckle is in bloom!

Honeysuckle in bloom

Honeysuckle in bloom

Honeysuckle is in bloom so that means it is once again time to make honeysuckle jelly. Time consuming process but oh so good. The flowers themselves are quite beautiful and the smell is one of my favorites. It brings back memories of childhood, standing around sucking the nectar out of the flowers. I wish the blooms lasted longer, but this jelly allows to enjoy it all year-long.

The original recipe that I followed says that it should yield 7 half pints of jelly but I have never gotten that many. The batch I made today yielded 4.5 half pints. I will just refrigerate the half pint that was not full to use right away.

The most time-consuming part of the process is picking the flowers and removing the small green base from the flowers, once that is done it is rather easy. It is a quick process once the infusion is ready.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. This is a jelly that you don’t see everyday, I find it tastes a lot like honey, it is one that will surely please.

Honeysuckle Jelly Recipe




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Are we turning into urban farmers?

Most of our friends think we are a little nuts, lol, but that is ok. Nothing tastes better than fresh eggs for breakfast, and they are so much better for you. We have 4 full-grown hens that we bought at the NC State Fair last year. Two La Fleche and two Minorca, they are all black with the prettiest feathers. I need to get some good pics of them so that I can post them. About two months ago we bought 6 new chicks and three ducklings. The chicks are a mix of White Leghorn and Rhode Island Red so they should be good layers. The ducks are  Rouen ducks, and well, we bought those because they were so stinkin cute. They are bred for meat but we are just keeping them for pets.

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Yesterday we had to go to Tractor Supply for more chicken feed and of course we couldn’t walk out of there with out some cute little babies, lol. Talk about obsessed, they are just so adorable to me that I have to bring them home. We bought 4 Batam’s and two more ducks. Maybe one day soon we will actually get the chicken coop completed. I think hubby is going to stop taking me a long to the farm supply store, lol.


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I am sure there will be many more photos to come. I just love these ladies and gents and they are so fun to photograph.


First completed Christmas gift done.

So I sat down yesterday and made the Gingercake On the Go Organizer PDF Sewing Pattern. It is a wonderful pattern and very easy to follow. It sews up pretty quick once you pick out your fabric, which for me can be the hardest part. I will be making several of these for Christmas gifts this year. I like that you can customize it to fit your needs. It also allows me to use some of my vintage buttons. I would love to see some pics of some that you have made!

I am hoping to stitch up one of the Gingercake penguins this weekend. I will let you know how that goes once I finish.

It was in the 70’s here today so I took the opportunity to hang some Christmas lights outside before it gets to cold. Might even pull the Christmas tree out this weekend and get it set up. The kids are also playing musical bedrooms this weekend, which will be great once it is done, moving all the crap is another story. I will have to post pics once we get it done. The twins will be getting separate bedrooms and Samantha will be moving downstairs.

Busy, busy, busy. Never enough time in the days it seems.