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New beginnings and lots of changes

So, there is change in the air. The twins have started middle school this year. They have also started on the year round school schedule for the first time. Lots of changes for them and me. We have one trying out band and one trying out theater and lots of others electives. Should be a very interesting year to say the least.

Y’all know my pet peeve with carpool. Such a simple yet misunderstood concept. It really isn’t rocket science people. Follow directions! Don’t fall asleep in carpool! Pull up when you are supposed to! Your kids can walk further than 10 feet to the door! They will not melt in the rain! You can stop in other spots than just the front spot! Don’t drop your kids off at the street! Also, whatever you need to do is not more important than what everyone else has to do, stop putting others in danger because you can’t be patient. New school, new carpool, lots to get used to for the kids and for me. This diagram pretty much sums up carpool right now!! People going in all directions all at once.


Just a reminder of some carpool etiquette:

  • Follow the established traffic pattern, getting out of line to pass people is not going to make things faster or easier for anyone.
  • Keep your kids in their seats until they are ready to get out of the car.
  • Get off your cell phone, it is not that important.
  • Pay attention!! (This should be a no brainer when kids are involved)
  • If for any reason you need to park your car, park it in a designated space, not the carpool line. (Again, this should be a no brainer)
  • Finally, be patient and be polite. Treat others how you want to be treated. Common courtesy people! 

Ok, enough of that for now. I am sure I will revisit the subject at some point this school year, pet peeve for sure.

Also, do you know how ear-piercing it is when someone is trying to learn how to play trumpet? Goodness gracious, Lord knows I love my son, but he may just have to practice outside for a while. As far as he is concerned, the louder the better. I keep reminding myself that it is only the first week and it will get better, Lord willing!


I hope everyone enjoys what they have left of your Summer vacations and everyone has a safe and happy school year. It will be an adventure for sure!


This I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:21-23


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So much going on, so very little time.

I am sure that many of us experience this. We as a society have become busier and busier. Always rushing from one place to another. We try our best to slow down and enjoy life more but it just doesn’t seem possible.

Kids have school, and sports, and friends….That list can go on and on. I have one graduating this year, so that means graduation and college prep. That in itself is never ending. You have work and home. Yard work and pets. Etc, etc.

I know I am preaching to the choir. Everyone I know goes through the same thing. Rush, rush, rush. I have been working on trying to slow things down some. As most of you know we have chickens, about 50 of them at the moment. We have rabbits and dogs and a cat. We even have a parrot. You have to make yourself slow down so you can care for them the way they need to be cared for. Go back to the earth a little bit. I do a lot of gardening and canning and I love every sweaty back breaking moment of it. It is the best kind of therapy for me. I am sure most of you think I am nuts, but it’s true. You should try it.


We are busy prepping for getting the garden out as soon as weather permits. We are also working on the fence and getting ready to build a new rabbit hutch. We have been breeding our rabbits a little bit. They are just so very cute. You just can’t get over how cute they really are. So magical watching them grow. And of course the kids just love every minute of it.

More soon, there is a lot going on around the “farm” and the family.

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A little thing called carpool etiquette


Etiquette, the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

I am sure I am not the only one who dreads carpool. The sitting, the waiting and the inching forward. Day in and day out. There is a certain etiquette that we should follow. We pay attention, we move up right away when it is our turn. You don’t take forever when picking up and dropping off. One of my biggest pet peeves is parking in the carpool line and getting out of your car and going about your business. It is not like there are people behind you waiting, that have done their time. Not to mention the people who get on the phone and don’t pay attention to what is going on around them. Or better yet, the people who fall asleep while waiting. Really people? You can’t find a better place to take a nap? I am sure we all have our daily frustrations, this just happens to be one of mine. I sit in two carpool lines twice a day everyday. I have become something of an expert. I am sure I will share more of my thoughts about this in the days and weeks to come.


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Splinter, Splinter…Drama Momma

Today my 5-year-old daughter got off the school bus and immediately told me she had fallen on the playground at school today and hurt her hand and scraped up her little nose. Her teacher was nice enough to put a Band-Aid on her hand and clean her up. We went about the rest of our day as normal. We ran some errands and did some things around the house. I had her wash her hands and her Band-Aid fell off, I told her we would replace it later with a clean one. I noticed her “boo-boo” looked dirty so I reminded myself to clean it later.

Later came this evening, I took her in over the bath tub so I could clean it out with peroxide. That is when I noticed that what I thought was dirt was in-fact a big sliver/splinter.  I knew then we were in for a fight. I laid her hand out, palm up so I could get a better look at it and told her she had a splinter and we needed to take it out. Then the screaming and tears started. You have never heard such a fit! And I hadn’t even touched it yet!

So here comes Daddy into the bathroom to save the day, asking me what I was doing. You would have thought I was beating her, and again, I hadn’t even touched it yet. So we got out the needle and the tweezers so we can begin the removal process, this was preceded by more tears and more screaming. All the while her twin brother is standing there watching covering his ears.

20 minutes later……after much screaming and crying and hiccuping, the splinter is finally out.  NEOSPORIN®, a Dora Band-Aid and chocolate ice cream later, all is well in the world again and she says it feels so much better.

The joys of parenthood!

_DSC0138 edited


Is cursive writing a thing of the past?


I read an interesting article on one of my local News websites dealing with cursive writing in NC schools. Apparently cursive writing will no longer be required learning in NC . This doesn’t appear to be a new issue. My 14-year-old daughter does not know how to write in cursive and it looks like the twins will not be learning it either. With a lot of what we do moving to computers there is not a need for it any longer.

Michael Smith, a communications professor at Campbell University, said there’s more to cursive than elegance, and he fears that students’ cognitive skills will be less developed without it. “It’s motor skills. It’s cognitive skills. It’s left to right. It’s interactive – you make those loops (and) one loop connects to another loop,” Smith said. “It leads to a higher order of thinking. One idea leads to another idea.”  Teachers say that there is simply not enough time in the day to fit it in. Their day is so jam-packed with what they are required to teach. Have you ever looked at the curriculum that your child is supposed to learn by the end of the year? It is astounding what they have to know to move to the next grade level. I never imagined my twins would have to be able to read by the end of the year, in Kindergarten, among the many other things they have to know.

There is something magical in cursive writing. The ebb and flow of it across the paper, it can be so elegant when written properly. I remember when I was small, I was so excited that I could write in cursive when I started kindergarten. I had an older sister so I picked it up early. I love my Mother’s hand writing and her signature. I wanted to be able to write just like her. Sad to see it go, hope it makes a comeback. What do you think?

See article here:

Cursive writing for blog


Dealing with sick kids ~ The joy of them being in school

I swear my twins have been sick since they started kindergarten. They stayed home with me prior to that, so they never went to daycare. I guess we are getting hit with all the germs hard.

This past week my daughter was really sick. Coughing, fever, throwing up, runny nose, the whole nine yards. Took her to the Dr and found out she had pneumonia. UGH!! I have never seen her so sick. So antibiotics and an inhaler and she is feeling so much better. Thank you God! So now both the twins have had pneumonia this school year.

Sick baby girl

I give them the chewy vitamins and they take vitamin C. I need to find something to help keep them healthier. I guess I need to start researching and see what I can come up with.

But on to brighter things. Working on new items to sell, hope to share some pics with you soon.