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Is 7 years to long to call it baby weight?

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Just wondering, because that is what I have been calling it all this time. My twins will be 8 in July.

I have never had issues with my weight except during pregnancy. I am not one of those ladies who have the cute little baby bumps. I gain weight, and I gain it every where. Belly, face, fingers, you name it. After my first pregnancy I did lose all the weight within about a year and a half. With the twins it has been a completely different story. I was on bed rest for approximately 5 months when I was pregnant, which did not help with the weight I am sure. After having the twins I was so busy taking care of them that I did not take time for myself. To take care of me. But I need to change that, I do believe it is finally time to get off my butt and actually do something about it.

IMG_2955-2 Edited WEB

Today I am starting Nutrisystem and I am finally going to do something for me. I will also be starting on the treadmill daily and cutting way back on my Dunkin Donuts coffee intake. Which is going to be a HUGE thing for me. If you know me then you know that DD coffee flows through my veins. But I can not keep drinking my calories, no matter how much I love and enjoy it. I will also be introducing more exercise into my schedule as my wrist injury allows.

New year and a new me, tired of hiding behind this fat suit. Here we go.


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Mother of three (two of them twins) and loves everything crafty. I have been called a crazy chicken lady and I love it! Spend a lot of time in the garden and in the kitchen canning. Follow my crazy family and life through Christ.

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