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Splinter, Splinter…Drama Momma

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Today my 5-year-old daughter got off the school bus and immediately told me she had fallen on the playground at school today and hurt her hand and scraped up her little nose. Her teacher was nice enough to put a Band-Aid on her hand and clean her up. We went about the rest of our day as normal. We ran some errands and did some things around the house. I had her wash her hands and her Band-Aid fell off, I told her we would replace it later with a clean one. I noticed her “boo-boo” looked dirty so I reminded myself to clean it later.

Later came this evening, I took her in over the bath tub so I could clean it out with peroxide. That is when I noticed that what I thought was dirt was in-fact a big sliver/splinter.  I knew then we were in for a fight. I laid her hand out, palm up so I could get a better look at it and told her she had a splinter and we needed to take it out. Then the screaming and tears started. You have never heard such a fit! And I hadn’t even touched it yet!

So here comes Daddy into the bathroom to save the day, asking me what I was doing. You would have thought I was beating her, and again, I hadn’t even touched it yet. So we got out the needle and the tweezers so we can begin the removal process, this was preceded by more tears and more screaming. All the while her twin brother is standing there watching covering his ears.

20 minutes later……after much screaming and crying and hiccuping, the splinter is finally out.  NEOSPORIN®, a Dora Band-Aid and chocolate ice cream later, all is well in the world again and she says it feels so much better.

The joys of parenthood!

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Author: Coffee, Chaos and Christ

Mother of three (two of them twins) and loves everything crafty. I have been called a crazy chicken lady and I love it! Spend a lot of time in the garden and in the kitchen canning. Follow my crazy family and life through Christ.

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