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I started a photography page…

So I have taken the plunge, of sorts, and started a photography website. Not that I think my skills are anywhere close to being good enough, but I take modeling photos of my kids for Boutiques to use on their websites, etc. People are always asking me who their photographer is and for links to their page. So I thought this would help me look more professional. I own Simply Posh Models on Facebook, .

I just purchased the book “Understanding Exposure 3rd Edition/Revised and Updated by Bryan Peterson”. It came highly recommended by some photographers that I admire. I am also hoping to take some classes in the near future.


The link to my photography blog is Be sure to check it out if you get a chance or if you have any interest and let me know what you think.



Dealing with sick kids ~ The joy of them being in school

I swear my twins have been sick since they started kindergarten. They stayed home with me prior to that, so they never went to daycare. I guess we are getting hit with all the germs hard.

This past week my daughter was really sick. Coughing, fever, throwing up, runny nose, the whole nine yards. Took her to the Dr and found out she had pneumonia. UGH!! I have never seen her so sick. So antibiotics and an inhaler and she is feeling so much better. Thank you God! So now both the twins have had pneumonia this school year.

Sick baby girl

I give them the chewy vitamins and they take vitamin C. I need to find something to help keep them healthier. I guess I need to start researching and see what I can come up with.

But on to brighter things. Working on new items to sell, hope to share some pics with you soon.

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Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year! I have been spending a lot of time with family and I have been working on some new jewelry items. The twins have also been taking turns being sick over their Christmas break. It never fails, but at least they were well for Christmas. We went to my parents home in WV for a couple days before Christmas and we got to see snow. Also got to spend a lot of time with my Grand Mother and my sister, so that was wonderful. Love going home to my parents house. There is no cell phone service and you can completely escape if you want to. They live near the Green Bank NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), so it is a federal quite zone. Very interesting place, you may want to check it out. They give guided tours, very interesting.

I am still obsessed with making  the nest and pea pod necklaces! Don’t know what has gotten into me. I guess it is just a nice break from making bows all the time.

I have been working on updating our house. We bought a house that was built in the 60’s and there have been very little updating. This past weekend we applied new 2″ blinds and a custom made (by me) valance. I will take pictures and post them. So much fun! Just ordered fabric to doing the kitchen and dining area. I will take step by step pics so you can see how easy it it.

Also, if you are on Pintrest, follow me here That is another obsession! So many great ideas on there. Would love to see what interests you as well.